Dressing Tic Tac is a form of love: Make each baby and child a little prince or princess.

Classical and chic pieces. Full of ties and ribbons. Fringes, lace and embroidery.

Tic Tac was born in 2009 but carries a family history where this project was growing and gaining form.

The first Tic Tac collections were created informally, for the children, for the friends, for the friends of the friends. The praise and the enormous acceptance of each piece transformed the dream into a brand.

The laces, the ribbons, the fringes, the lace and the embroidery, the flowery fabrics and the pink color facilitate the imagination….

The Tic Tac are flowered balloon sleeves and a huge pink bow, or bib and breeches full of details and ribbons. To run and play, as children should.